Hall of Fame - Batting | Carnegie South Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1102174602515514273891425102*Namit TrivediCarnegie South 22021/2022G Grade6 1Le Page Park 3
2773393091551427384382877Tom CameronCarnegie South 12021/2022Woolnough Shield8 1Hampton Central 1
37117460251551427389142171*Namit TrivediCarnegie South 22021/2022G Grade5 1Elwood 3
46521417161551427389142165*Tushar GoswamiCarnegie South 22021/2022G Grade5 1Elwood 3
5613393091551427384380161Tom CameronCarnegie South 12021/2022Woolnough Shield2 1Omega 1
6563601981551427384380756Will NashCarnegie South 12021/2022Woolnough Shield3 1Kingston Heath 2
7521937701551427389143352*Grant StutselCarnegie South 22021/2022G Grade8 1Bentleigh ANA 3
85022955191551427385266650*Ravi KumarCarnegie South 32021/2022K Grade2 1Brighton Union 4
95022507941551427385266350*Prasad MahudapathiCarnegie South 32021/2022K Grade1 1Cluden 4
10503869311551427384380150*Fintan P BrazilCarnegie South 12021/2022Woolnough Shield2 1Omega 1
11503085051551427384380150Kevin PereiraCarnegie South 12021/2022Woolnough Shield2 1Omega 1
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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